Frequently Asked Questions

To dissipate your most concerns of the session we prepared the most frequently asked questions and answers. Thanks to them you will learn basic information about your session from preparations to picking up your album which will be a unique souvenir.



You will plan your photoshoot

The boudoir session is intimate experience as uncovers your personality in front of the lens. Our aim is to make the effects of the session one of the most beautiful monuments in your life. We care about your comfort even before you book the date of the session.

In contrast to many other types of photo sessions, a boudoir session requires a lot of involvement in the preparations. Your active participation from the beginning will make you feel safe and comfortable as you are the person who plans the session and has total control over it.

Visage and your metamorphosis

Our boudoir session always includes the makeup and hairstyle. These are the basic elements of a preparation that will give you some courage, and a chance to look at yourself in a way you haven't seen before. You are able to find how much time we devote to your make up and how to prepare for it in a bookmark 'Before and After'.

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