Where will it take place?

 - We will rent an apartment in Warsaw. Your make up and combing will take place there. If you live in another city let us know. We'll find a place to meet you and your expectations. We also give the opportunity to make a session in your own apartment.  Write to us and we will prepare a special quote just for you.


Does the price include the make-up session and combing? 

 - Yes, it does. Please note that our price includes the professional make-up artist, her work and materials. You do not have to worry about arranging visagist, we took it on our shoulders. Thanks to all above it is easier to make your pictures similar to the convention which you may see in our portfolio.

Will my photographer be a man?

 - We are a couple in our private and professional lives. Many women prefer to have a photographer who is a woman and we understand it 100%. During our sessions we work together, because we have very similar tastes also in terms concerning the moments when our model looks attractive. We view actions of various photographers and we try to avoid dull and repetitive frames. Therefore, if you like our portfolio, it means that the way a man sees a woman is closer to you. We guarantee that your man will be happy with the results of our work.

Can I bring a companion?

 - Yes, absolutely. If you have a trusted friend who will make you feel confident it is a good idea. Please bear in mind that it is still your session.

Will my body imperfections be digitally edited?

 - The pictures we take are retouched in such a way to retain your natural look. Yes, we use Photoshop to alleviate strong imperfections, however we avoid retouching which you can see in magazines for men age 18+. During the whole session we want you to look attractive to minimize digital processing.

Are the photos of my session are going to be published on the Internet? 

 - The session and its effects in the form of pictures are just for you. Your privacy is at the most importance. Therefore, a decision on whether we will be able to use your pictures depends on you.

You've never posed, is it a problem? 

 - We are the people who are going to make you look feminine and sexy. Regardless of whether you have participated in similar sessions before or it is your first photo session, we'll show you exactly how to pose. You will learn how to to put your face, hands, legs, hips to make you see yourself in the new light.

How long will it last?

 - We dedicate at least 4 hours for shooting. During that time your make-up, combing, the choice of the best styling as well as planning your session will take place. The day of the session do not rush and plan to be free for few hours. These will help you to focus on yourself!

How much does the boudoirs session cost? 

 - The price of your boudoirs session starts from 849 PLN . Write to us, and we will prepare an offer for you. Then you will be familiar with all possibilities of your photo session.

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