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A pet lover and a wonderful woman without whom Warsaw Boudoir wouldn't exist.

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A fan of freshly ground coffee, youngtimers' automotive enthusiast and a lover of American cinema

About us




Boudoirs Photography comes from early-French tradition of taking intimate pictures in women's bedroom. Today it becomes more and more popular, however, it is more than a trend. This strengthening experience will give you more confidence and will make you feel sexy.

Our view on the boudoir photography

 It is difficult for modern women to meet all the requirements of the world. Family, work, home, it is extremely easy to lose yourself in the constantly accelerating pace of life. Especially if all the social media create the picture of an ideal woman who is smiling, fulfilled at work and at her home. Therefore, our mission is to show you that there is no such a thing as a standard of beauty which you need to strictly follow. Our motivation to act is your smile when you look at yourself in the pictures you had never seen before - self-confident, sexy an intriguing woman with come-hither look. Beauty is in you! You just have to discover it and fall in love with yourself again.

Our approach to the photo session

Our privilege is to show you in a better, new light. We perfectly know that posing in front of the camera is not a natural activity of everyday life. To make you feel comfortable and confident, you will be able to actively participate in the preparations of the session: starting from choosing your styling to the selection of the best shots. It will make you feel that a person who has the greatest impact on your session and its final effect is YOU. The first and most common excuse is: 'I cannot do that'. It is our task to teach you and convince that you can. During the photo sessions we minimize a use of the photo equipment to put the maximize focus on you. Additionally, we will show you how to pose and give you a prompt how to put your face, hands, legs, to make your session run smoothly, and its final effect would take everyone's breath away!



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Buduar Warszawski tel. +48 505 35 90 60 email:kontakt@buduarwarszawski.pl