If you are not 100% sure that chosen stylings are good for a session, please write to us.We will effectively suggest what to choose.

Your boudoir session is also a fantastic time to expand your wardrobe with something extra. We recommend you to do the shopping in a place where you will be able to try your new underwear on and where a professional saleswoman would give you advice in choosing the appropriate size.

Most of our sessions take place in our studio. But if you expect from your session even more interesting scenery a hotel apartment, please write to us in advance. Together we will choose the right place which meets our requirements and is comfortable for you.

The next step is to schedule the time for your session when you will not need to be in a rush before or after it. The day before the event please neither plan parties until the wee hours of the morning  nor overextend yourself in a gym. 

We would like you to be rested.

Prepare and pack your stylings in the evening as the mornings are missing precious minutes. The day of the session leave your home 10 minutes earlier than you planned as the rush that day is inadvisable. Then we will treat you to delicious coffee.


  • white wedding underwear

  • black lace underwear

  • sports underwear

  • a garter

  • men's shirt

  • a cardigan with a very low-cut

  • a cocktail dress 

  • a corset

  • a low-cut top

  • fishnet stockings

  • a suspender belt

  • stockings

  • high-heels

  • high panties

  • jeans

  • a santeen bathrob

  • a lace bodysuit

  • a T-shirt

  • jewellery

This section will help you to find out how to choose proper styling. Contrary to appearances, it is possible to find some boudoirs session styling from every woman's wardrobe

The most important question you need to ask yourself is what outfit makes you feel sexy.

It may be as well a man's shirt or lace underwear. Do not leave planning your styling for the day before a session in order to avoid running in a hurry between shelves. At the beginning we propose to open your wardrobe and try to choose minimum 5 outfits from our list below.

Let's plan your photoshoot!

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