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Proper preparation of the skin prior to makeup has a very positive impact on its durability and presentation. Briefly a few tips for you:

1. The day before try peeling of your face and apply a moisturizing mask (use proven cosmetics - do not experiment with new products).

2. Come on makeup without makeup.

3.  Ensure adequate hydration of your skin (the neckline too).

4. In advance do henna, regulation or eyebrow depilation.

5. A few days before the session do not practice any invasive procedures, avoid strong sunlight too.

6. As far as it's possible try to get some sleep! Contrary to appearances, this is very important as tired eye is very sensitive what impedes my job.

P.S. If it happens that your eyes are watering during make-up, eye drops (moisturizing / cleaning) applied before makeup, are a good option.




To overcome your barriers and to make you believe that regardless the appearance, age, skin you can look stunning. We prepared a special bookmark where we enclose the final make-up effects. In order to make you feel confident we only work with visagists whom we met before. Make up corresponds your facial features and combing suits to your hair type.  All the advice on how to prepare before the make up you may find here.

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